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Our Story

On the 24th November 1964 a group of people interested in swimming convened a meeting with the purpose of establishing a swimming club in the Shire of Knox. This meeting was held at the Boronia Progress Hall and chaired by Mr. D. Keith, Knox Shire President. A committee was formed and the Boronia Swimming Club came into being, with Mr Ellis elected President. The first committee meeting was held in the Chartwell Press Building on the 8 th December 1964. The club commenced with a bank of £6.10.0. During January 1965 the club initiated its first swimming program. The committee of the day immediately saw the wisdom of having a heated covered pool and began to make written representations to council in this regard. The committee and members also saw the benefit of having their own clubrooms and immediately set about planning its construction. By the middle of February 1965 the clubs membership had quickly risen to 100 members, thus reinforcing the need for a swimming club in the area.

Today the offers a range of swimming programs to cater for junior and development swimmers right through to our performance squads and masters program. Our mission is to develop skills, sportsmanship and team camaraderie in all our swimmers and to inspire them to be the best they can be. The club believes that this is best achieved in a friendly, supportive, social environment that engages members and families.

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The Boronia Amateur Swimming & Lifesaving Club Inc. Strategic Plan 2023-2026 will be published later this year

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